Friday, March 11, 2011

51. exam over, holidays start :D

okay, as everyone or maybe, my schoolmates know that today is the last day for our first test in 2011. the subjects that i have sat for today are ADD MATH and AGAMA ;) i'm gonna story to you how 'well' i do in my test.

starting the test with BAHASA MELAYU paper. i get a little bit over for the words limit for the essay and summary. oh, not a bit. its A LOT! hahaha. but i don't have much time to cut it and just pass it up la. hehe.

next, SEJARAH coming. oh WORLD! don't you know that i hate SEJARAH? even if i didn't hate it so much, but i still can't get it into my dumb brain. shut up and just try for it SYAHIRAH! you gonna face the lovely SPM soon.

next day, the Tuesday, its ENGLISH. nah, i don't know. i exceed the words limit. AGAIN! hahaha.

after that, its BIOLOGY. oh well. i've tried. at least. but there's a question that i can't answer it at all because i'm not study it even in my class because i absent. so i deserve it la. hahaha :P

okay, there's coming the Wednesday. its the day for PHYSICS paper. i love wave. haha. for this paper, just nice maybe. but the result maybe will be just suck, huh?

then, my killer subject coming. its MATHEMATICS. i love it very much but i can't do for the matrices chapter. yeah, it's killing me back. hahaha.

on Thursday, RUN, its PRINSIP PERAKAUNAN. haha. of course i can't run away from it. i don't know what to say for this one. but i hope my marks will rise for this subject.

after recess, i sat for my CHEMISTRY paper. okay this subject really had to be punished because it has killing me at once. hahaha. let's punish it! agree? haha. but there's a question for the sulphuric acid like that. i can answered that well though. hehehe. but no full marks la. GUARANTEE! haha.

so today, Friday. hey its my favourite subject, ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS. i answered this paper with wind blowing in my heart. so calm. at first! but until the next and next and next pages, oh i get more BLUR -,-' especially for the progressions that one. ah i don't care. i have done my best okay? so just wait and see for the results.

and to be honest, i answered those questions for AGAMA like no feeling at all. i write whatever thingy that i like to write. so many HENTAMs here and there. so maybe the result will make me kena HENTAM la. hahaha. because i don't remember for the sirah part. actually its easy but something is just not going right for this one.

so that's it. how i did in my first test. after i get all of my marks, i will publish it here, okay?

p/s ; HELLO HOLIDAYS! :D - tomorrow and the day after tomorrow got mathematics, additional mathematics and science camp in my school and its compulsory for every PMR and SPM candidates 2011.

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