Thursday, August 4, 2011

73. The Looks That I Love 1 [Yuna & Hana Tajima]

Today, I think I had become more aggressive to talk at school. Not to 'terkinja - kinja' ya. But I just talk or had some conversation about a specific topic la about this and that [should I tell it here?]. One of the topic is like fashion or trend for teen nowadays. Well, I know many people love how YUNA and HANA TAJIMA wear their shawl / pashmina / scarf and their style, right? The same thing goes to me too :) But frankly to say that I think I'm not suit to wear shawl like them because I don't know. Hehehe. These sisters [YUNA & HANA TAJIMA - they are not siblings actually] had inspired so many ladies out there to be more fashionable even though they wear 'tudung'.

So, now I would like to share some of their fashion / style / outfit that I like :)

1) For this, I LOVE HER SHOES SO MUCH but obviously I can't wear that now because I don't know how to walk with high heels, or even wedges.

2) For this look, I love everything on her. Hehehe. Especially the long jacket hoodies and her boots :O But for sure so many people long for that jacket, right? ;)

3) This style, I love her shoes and her tapered pants. But I just love to look la, not to wear maybe. I mean, her pants. I love to look and to wear her shoes so much. But look at her jacket and silk shawl. AWESOME!

H&M Poncho

4) OH I LOVE EVERYTHING THAT SHE PUTS ON in this picture! and I also love the location where this picture was taken. Its in London [if I'm not mistaken].

5) I LOVE HER SCARF [around her neck] AND HER SHOES AND HER BAG AND HER JACKET! and her smile :)

6) I love her jacket, shawl and her loose pants. Its a very CUTE combination of colours with the CUTE HANA TAJIMA SIMPSONS.

7) I LOVE EVERYTHING including her high heels :) [this picture reminds me of GEEKERZ ♥]

8) For this picture, I love her pashmina and her long cardigan. Hey look, even Hana Tajima loves to take pictures in front of the mirror! :P

9) This picture is out when she's just started to get a place in the mainstream. I love this style because it is not so girlish / ladies style. Well you see, with the checkered shirt and Reebok shoes [RANDOM AWESOME lyric] are not so girl's look la. Plus with her lovely white IBANEZ guitar :p

10) Overall, I love this style because it is so simple. The plain shawl, grey long cardigan, long black skirt with the sneakers ♥ Looking forward to wear like this in the future :)


* Yuna's mum is at the middle :)

Yeah, that's it! Its just a part of it. For more, don't be lazy. Just Google them and you will amazed. Hehehe.

p/s ; all of these pictures are taken from somewhere in Google including Yuna's Lookbook, Yuna's Tumblr and Hana Tajima's Tumblr. Sorry for the inappropriate and uneven size of the pictures.



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