Thursday, September 8, 2011

79. Hold on there, followers

Hello, followers! I think its been so long I'm not updating this blog. This is because I'm in love. Hahaha. Actually, I'm in love with my books and my SPM trial. So, every single day [maybe not for weekend :P] I have to go for a date with my books. But, I will switch my boyfriend everyday. Well, I have 10 boyfriends, peep :D I have to be with them every hour but it didn't mean that I read it every time. Hehehehe. You know, every meal, every hour, every minute, everywhere, I must bring those books even though I'm not reading it. Hehehe. Well, I'm a lazy girl :P But at least, still got some effort, right? Chill.

Maybe, after some time, I mean after 20th September only I will start update my blog as usual. Oh ya. After I finished dealing with my last boyfriend for this trial, Account Principle [can be huh?]. Ok? So, that's for now. Trial SPM is my current boyfriend. My next boyfriend? Oh it must be the most handsome SPM lol :D

To all followers, again, just hold on there. Please?

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fnd said...

wish you the best