Wednesday, October 12, 2011

88. Eager to trigger [ACT]

Just now, I am wasting my time searching for something that I do not really know as my heart feels so eager to know about a blovel 'Awek Chuck Taylor'. Okay that's it. I search about blovel. Just in case anyone has made a review about that blovel because I still do not get the chance to buy it.

Oh why so weird? Blovel? What is that? Okay let me tell you. Blovel is a book published which it contents are from a blog. I mean, the writer's blog. Not just easily copying people post or story and claim it as yours. Okay that's not cool.

When I was searching around the web, I just get some links about what am I searching for but actually it is not a review about this blovel. It is the writer of 'Awek Chuck Taylor', Nami's blog. Oh the writer's named Nami. I clicked here and there in his blog and found many good post that can trigger your brain to start thinking as if you never think about that issue before.

Okay. Just two links for the post that I like from Nami's blog. Actually there are many others but I have no time to read it all at this time.

About the blovel, it is about a guy and his love story. It is a true story though. It is a story about the writer, maybe. Actually, before, Nami has made a blog and wrote this story at a blog, But this blog has been closed by Nami because Mira [an awek in this blovel] had been diagnosed having breast cancer. So, he intended to close that blog as a 'penghormatan' for her and to not make her feel depressed maybe.

Sadly to say, I never read that blog because I just get to know about this story [or blovel] after I get back from Kuala Lumpur last month. I do not really know when is the real time Nami closed this blog but the fact is, the blog has been closed. SEDIH!

If anyone interested to buy this blovel, Googling [?] around to know more about this blovel and also check out the writer's blog. I am not really sure where to buy this blovel directly except from UYA Distro which is located in Subang Jaya. The only way that I know is to buy this online. You can make an order of this blovel and 'Kitab Terfaktab' at this site [linked].

I know. If you are my close friend, you will get irritated of me because keep saying about this blovel to them and they were like [==']. Haha. Okay enough said. Bye.

Sorry for any wrong fact or grammatical error. Chill.

p/s ; When can I get to buy 'Awek Chuck Taylor'? =='

* the cover of the blovel
* interesting, huh?


specsy said...

cari lah. beli. dan baca.

ianya berbeza. :)

Cob Nobbler said...

Too bad my own stock dah habis.
If not I can give it to you.

Well,I only got my own copy.
You want mine?

RS said...

OMG , sapa ni yg comment ni :') gila cool la syahirah .

Farny Jaafar said...

eh kazen fany pun ada copy tahu. jealousnya nak baca juga. she said it is truly an art and amazing