Wednesday, December 28, 2011

103. Hey she's talking about me


I know I'm weird. I mean, kinda weird sometimes. It's not that I didn't do what other people do but they didn't do what I do. Eh yeke? Tak jugak. Sometimes lah. Sometimes ok? Hehe.

Actually, I love to explore. I love to make friends. I love reading. Just that maybe. Hehe. No lah. Not just that but the most important is I love to explore. Oh and I love to hear other's opinions. That will make me think and keep on thinking.

About reading, don't just read romantic novels, comics and newspapers. Read another things also like blog, travelogue and do some searching. Beneficial searching lah. Don't search for true ghost stories, upcoming movies etc. only eh. Hehehe.

For me, I'm not a rebellious or terrorist or any other bad creatures on Earth. Haha. But you know, sometimes, when I say something, some people cannot accept that. Especially when it comes to politics, political view. I didn't say that I'm right, they're wrong. I just express my opinions to them. Come on, people. Read more please. By reading, you can see the world and reach the top. Ok?

Haha. Ok sebenarnya ada kawan aku ni dia cakap pasal aku. Dia cakap aku lain daripada yang lain. I don't know which part, which sense of me are different from others. You know? Later you tell me eh. Hehe. Baca bawah ni. Ini diambil dari blog my friend tu.

*I know my photo macam retarded. Haha.
*The blog.

Ha tu je nak cakap. Ok bye. Haha.

p/s ; Macam lari tajuk je. Hehehe.
p/s ; Siapa anon kat post before ni? Sila reveal kan diri anda. I'm curious. Hehe.
p/s ; Ada lagi sorang talking about me.
*The NSMA is me :)

Yang ni kita story next entry ok? Peace. Bye.

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.anesh. said...

wow . most yang dia kata sama macam kita rasa pasal awak . exactly sama occay hahaha siapa punya blog tu ?