Wednesday, February 22, 2012

113. The upcoming 22nd


As everyone already know, SPM 2011 result will be released on 22nd March 2012. Exactly a month from now. All of the SPM candidates all over Malaysia must being so nervous about it. But now, everyone is leading their own way doing anything they want since many of us (I'm SPM candidate 2011) don't have any commitment to go to school. But yeah, there are also some of us who have to go to PLKN, attend a class like English class, music school, bakery school, go to a foundation or fundamental class, working as a part - time worker, taking license, go travel, backpacking or just sitting at home doing nothing. Whatever it is, please do something beneficial. Or at least, don't do something futile.

I bet everyone must have their own target to achieve for their SPM result. Most of us must really want straight A, pass with flying colours, make our parents and family proud of us. I know. But I hope, all of your target must be realistic. You can't aspect straight A if you didn't put too much effort like you should to.

After the result, it is the time to make decisions that will lead your future maybe. Choose what you want, what you interested in. Do not follow your friends. Whatever they are interested in, let them be. Don't be afraid. Grab any chances you get. Choose according to your capability and interest. Choose the course that you have interest in, not because you have known what you will learn if you pursue your studies in that course. Do you understand what am I saying?

Maybe, everyone had filled up their UPU Fasa 2 form. They had chose the course that they want to further their studies. That's good. Me? No, I'm not done it yet. Reason? I want to wait for the result first and I want to go to the Karnival Jom Masuk U with my brothers. I want them to help me. But for now, there are two courses that I can consider. Aeronautic engineer and statistics. Of course you need to be power in Physics if you want to pursue in engineering and Additional Mathematics when it comes to statistics. Em just wait for the result first. Only then I will decide.

For every SPM candidate 2011 out there, choose the best for yourself. Not to satisfy others, not to impress others, not to be proud of your courses, not to gain the gold, fame or honour. It is all about your future. If you feel doubt, ask Allah. He will lead you to the best. Whatever it is, just have faith. Accept your upcoming SPM result wholeheartedly. Don't go commit suicide once you have known your result is not as good as expected. Jangan pergi bunuh diri pulak kalau result agak teruk atau tak seperti yang diharapkan. Ok?

Ok dah. Bye. Assalamualaikum.

112. How I met your Bangla :P

Assalamualaikum. New post again on the same day.

Last Sunday punya cerita pulak. On Saturday I met Neesa, on Sunday I met.... Who had I met? Lalalalala. Yasmin Redzuan. Kenal? Tak?! Nah blog dia (blog link).

Actually, I met her to deal about the skirts thingy. You know, I sell skirts. So, she likes to make an order la. Custom made. I'm okay. I can do that too.

Let's start the story.

We (me & Wawa) went out from the house about 2.30 pm. Nak naik LRT dari Taman Melati sampai Sungai Besi tu, you must stop by at about 20 stations. Dengan kena tukar train lagi. Boleh keluar pukul 2.30? Pukul berapa nak sampai. Hahaha. About 3.30 pm, we arrived there. Meen picked us up at the station and walked to her grandmother's boutique. Abang - abang UPNM hensem - hensem gila dol! Aaaarrrrggghhhhh!!! Histeria kejap. Hahaha. Well, UPNM is just near to the boutique la. Hehehe.

Dah sampai, cerita pasal skirt, tunjuk contoh kain, ambik ukuran semua, pastu dah.... We also had a superb conversation. Meen sangat friendly. Even though we were kinda stranger to her, she still shared a little secret with us about something shocking about someone. Eh cannot tell here la. She doesn't let us to do so. Hehehe.

Seronok gila berbual dengan dia dengan sorang kakak pekerja kat butik tu jugak, Kak Shat. We lepak there sampai Meen tutup kedai about 5.30 pm gitu. Then kitorang makan KFC. Eh kamceng gila kan. Hahaha. Tapi time makan KFC, Kak Shat tak join, dia dah balik. Kat KFC, kitorang gossiping lagi. Hehe. Pastu naik LRT sama - sama but Meen kena tukar train kat Chan Sow Lin. Kitorang tukar kat Masjid Jamek.

Esoknya, Monday, again, me & Wawa went out to buy my bus ticket at TBS. After we had bought the ticket and all, we went to the LRT station la to go back home. Again. We met Meen. She got off the LRT at TBS. She asked us to join her pick up Miyyo kat TBS tu. Tak kenal Miyyo? Miyyo Azman? Tak kenal? Tak kenal, takpe la. Hehe. But we cannot join her because we had to be hurry. At 4 pm, Wawa got her driving class. So we were in real rush. Haha.

Tapi time dalam LRT, masing - masing dah macam 'Alaaa..... Nak patah balik'. Supposedly, Miyyo came to the boutique on the same day we went there to talk about the skirts. But Miyyo tak jadi datang. So dia datang on Monday. Alaaaa..... Kalau tak, mesti boleh jumpa Miyyo. Eh? Hehehehehe.

TiteWw dApaRT sNap piC deWngAn MeeWn. JaNgaN jeWwleS.

Ini Wawa dengan Meen :)

Lawa sangat dia ni. Kulit dia putih. Cantik. Friendly sangat. Ok la bye :) Harap dapat jumpa Meen lagi. Hohoho.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

111. Neesayang the 112th followers ;)

Hye. Assalamualaikum :)

It's been a long time I'm not updating this blog. Aku baru balik dari KL ni. Surprise surprise, who is Neesayang? She is my 112th followers :) And to make it more surprising, I met her. How? When? Come! Let me tell you.

She is Siti Nur Anisah. We are at the same age. Yes! Lepasan SPM. Hohoho.

Let the story begins.

Last Friday, I logged in my Blogger account and found out that my followers had increased. From 111 to 112. I was excited kejap. Hehe. And 112 was my daily public bus number to go back home from school. Eh tetiba. Hehehe. Like always, whenever I got new followers, I will go through their profile and blog. I was impressed because most of her blog post are in English. And before, she lived in Johor Bahru for 13 years and she had studied in SSI when she was form 1. How can I not know her before? Nah never mind. So, I followed her.

Last saturday, I went to KL. Arrived there at 12.30 pm. About 2.30 pm, we (my family, me & Wawa) went out to The Curve, Ikea blablablabla. After that, we went to Shah Alam, Seksyen 9 to meet my big brother who was working there at a boutique. Once we reached the boutique, it was already Maghrib. We went into the boutique and waiting for someone in the 'pantry merangkap bilik solat' to finish her Maghrib.

After she finished, she came out la. We shook hands. I was shocked. Like a deja vu was happening to me. I was wondered, 'Who is this girl? Macam pernah nampak'. I asked my brother, 'What is her name? Is it Neesayang? Or Neesa something?'. He asked me back, 'Why? Do you know her?'. I answered, 'Maybe she's following my blog'. And then he called the girl, Neesa. Ah sengal abang aku ni. He asked Neesa 'Awak ada follow blog dia ke?' then Neesa answered to me 'Abang awak la punya kerja'. I was 'Ok....' then blah. Went into the pantry and perform Maghrib. In the pantry, you didn't know what was happening. Aku excited gila, malu gila. Pehal weh?! Macam jumpa retis. Hahaha. She works at the same boutique with my brother rupanya.

After that, I met her, got to know each other, took picture, had a fabulous conversation. We shared so many things even though that was the first time I meet her. I asked her 'Why did she followed my blog?'. She said, she was impressed with my exam results and all. But Wawa being so senyap la that day. She cannot cope, cannot get into the conversation. Sikit - sikit je boleh la. But when it's time we talked about JB, she cannot cope. When we talked about SPM, exam, those subjects in school, she can get in la.

Neesa is a very friendly person. First time jumpa, memang awkward la. 'Saya awak'. Suddenly she said 'Eh kalau berbual guna aku kau boleh tak?'. Aku pun 'Boleh!' je la. Hahaha. From that point, we had a really blast conversation. Sekali Neesa gelak, gegar boutique. Hahaha. She also shared a bit about her school life in Shah Alam, her boyfriend, her friends. She said, it's truly different the environment, the people, the way she studied, her school and everything in Shah Alam is different from JB. JB lagi best! Hehehehe.

We (me, Neesa & Wawa) have the same spot of mole on our face. Above our lips at the left part. Hehehe.

Ok bye. I hope we can meet again. And let's go to Frinjan. Eh? Hehehehe.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

110. The human

I'm an 18 year-old girl. You may see me laugh, making jokes, jumping & get crazy everywhere. Being so happy and cool no matter what is happening around me. I pretend to be blurry sometimes to make sure other people happy. I lend my ears for anyone who need me, to hear their problems. I share my stories with anyone I want. All in all, you may see me as a girl without any worry towards anything if you don't really know me.

Some of the people in my life may see me or look at me as a good girl, active girl, brilliant girl who knows how to play with numbers and words. Kinda gifted and have cool character. Have a bit of knowledge in music although I never attend music school to learn and play the music. Have beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, perfect body shape. Some of them maybe see that I'm extraordinary and attractive but I didn't do anything, those 'gedik - gedik' stuff to attract attentions. I'm just being myself. Trust me.

But there's also some of them who see me as a bad girl, 'gedik' girl who don't know how to do housework. Hey, I know how to do housework but not tidying. I'm lazy to tidy up. That's the reason. Just that. There's also people who get jealous with what I have. And what they do? They bring me down, they push me down. You might see and say that this is not a big problem. You just have to ignore what they say, keep strong, be positive, take all of those offensive words as a motivation. Just take it lightly. You may say that but you're not in my shoes.

I believe a human is like a nail. Nail is so strong. Made up of steel or iron. Hard to be bend. Same like human. They are strong. I know. Everyone is strong, determined, tough, positive. But nail, if you let it stay under the sky of sunshine and rain in a long time, they will rust. Once they are rust, they are brittle. Not strong as their originally. And if you knock it to wood or wall, they will penetrate into it but sometimes they will bend, crooked. For human, if you rain them with problems, they will be upset, depress and in the end, they are not strong anymore. They have broken down. And if you keep on pressuring them, let them feel insecure with your words and actions, they may fall down no matter how tough they were before. Believe in me. We're not forever strong. Someday we will be broken down.

As for me, I'm just a normal girl. I don't have those branded stuff that can make people impressed with me. I'm a very 'kampung' girl who live in an almost collapse house full of termites, who have some irresponsible person in my life, who doesn't know how to wear makeup, who have tanned skin with full of pimple scars face, who sometimes regret her past, who don't know how to drive a car, who didn't wasted almost half an hour in front of the mirror just to look good before go out, who don't have any idea how being loved is all about, who are not feminine enough to be a guy dream girl, who don't really know how to style my pashmina, who sick of the people who always try to gain fame in any way. My life is not so awesome but I'm grateful with everything I have.

Thank you.