Wednesday, February 22, 2012

113. The upcoming 22nd


As everyone already know, SPM 2011 result will be released on 22nd March 2012. Exactly a month from now. All of the SPM candidates all over Malaysia must being so nervous about it. But now, everyone is leading their own way doing anything they want since many of us (I'm SPM candidate 2011) don't have any commitment to go to school. But yeah, there are also some of us who have to go to PLKN, attend a class like English class, music school, bakery school, go to a foundation or fundamental class, working as a part - time worker, taking license, go travel, backpacking or just sitting at home doing nothing. Whatever it is, please do something beneficial. Or at least, don't do something futile.

I bet everyone must have their own target to achieve for their SPM result. Most of us must really want straight A, pass with flying colours, make our parents and family proud of us. I know. But I hope, all of your target must be realistic. You can't aspect straight A if you didn't put too much effort like you should to.

After the result, it is the time to make decisions that will lead your future maybe. Choose what you want, what you interested in. Do not follow your friends. Whatever they are interested in, let them be. Don't be afraid. Grab any chances you get. Choose according to your capability and interest. Choose the course that you have interest in, not because you have known what you will learn if you pursue your studies in that course. Do you understand what am I saying?

Maybe, everyone had filled up their UPU Fasa 2 form. They had chose the course that they want to further their studies. That's good. Me? No, I'm not done it yet. Reason? I want to wait for the result first and I want to go to the Karnival Jom Masuk U with my brothers. I want them to help me. But for now, there are two courses that I can consider. Aeronautic engineer and statistics. Of course you need to be power in Physics if you want to pursue in engineering and Additional Mathematics when it comes to statistics. Em just wait for the result first. Only then I will decide.

For every SPM candidate 2011 out there, choose the best for yourself. Not to satisfy others, not to impress others, not to be proud of your courses, not to gain the gold, fame or honour. It is all about your future. If you feel doubt, ask Allah. He will lead you to the best. Whatever it is, just have faith. Accept your upcoming SPM result wholeheartedly. Don't go commit suicide once you have known your result is not as good as expected. Jangan pergi bunuh diri pulak kalau result agak teruk atau tak seperti yang diharapkan. Ok?

Ok dah. Bye. Assalamualaikum.

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