Tuesday, December 25, 2012

122. 小松崎勝也

Assalamualaikum. Ok dah lama aku tak update blog. Ada orang tanya bila nak update. So now, aku update. But not because of that person la. Because aku sendiri yg nak update. About what happened recently in my life. This may be a long post or a short post. I don't know. Tengok mood. Jap. Ok start cerita.

I have new friend. Our friendship starts from a point yg aku sendiri tak expect boleh end up mcm ni. Ok faham tak? Jap sambung lagi. It's started on the day before dia balik Jepun. From saja saja punya conversation to a serious thing. Actually, he's a totally stranger for me and I'm a totally stranger for him. Haha. Of course la Syahirah. Vice versa. But kitorang lepak for almost 4 hours. And in that short moment, from a totally stranger become a good friend. Share problems and all. Shared what really distracting ourselves all this time. In just 4 hours. And in Japanese language. Imagine. And now kitorang still contact through emel. We're 3195.85 miles apart. Perbezaan masa sejam. And this is our friendship. The rest is history. Haha. Takde la. Takkan nak cerita semua benda dekat sini.

Just want to say that I'm glad to know him. Thank you :) Assalamualaikum.