Saturday, January 17, 2015

137. For 2015

So, as everyone knows, I'm studying in Japan. And as all of you know too (maybe), last 2014 seems to be the hardest year for my country, Malaysia. We face so many things which never happen in our national history. The lost and sadness, all the shocking news and tragedy, the tears, the gloom, the condolences and grief, everything. Me, as a Malaysian, even though my life is (not really) affected with everything happened, but deep inside, I am.

MH370 lost about a month before I had my first flight in my whole life, before I came to Japan.
MH17 been shot down in Ramadhan, exactly a month before I fly back to Malaysia in summer holiday.
End of 2014, news reported that QZ8501 has ended in a tragic way.

In this 2014, we had lost many friends, family members, brothers, sisters and lovely strangers. But Allah done his job and I hope many of us also found the 'present' that Allah had given to all of us.

Maybe, I know. For some of us, there's no more day in 2015 and until forever will ever be the same again after everything that happened in 2014.
For some of us, there's no more laughter and happiness they once got.
For some of us, there's only tears and regret.
For some of us, they had lost their loved ones and no one in this world can replace them.
For some of us, no longer wait for tomorrow to come.

For 2015, I hope we will stay stronger and stand stronger together to face any hardship in the future.

With love,