Tuesday, August 11, 2015

139. #lovelystrangers 1

Assalamualaikum. Hello. Dengan nama Allah yang maha pemurah lagi maha penyayang.

Dah lama tak kongsi cerita di sini. I write more in my Instagram. But it seems like some people are unable to read it so I think I will post it here too. Please allow me :)

This is my story during last spring holiday. My Japanese friends came to Malaysia and this happened when they were in Malaysia.

This photo was taken at Batu Caves. This uncle is a lovely stranger. I first saw him when he was feeding the ikan koi in the pond. He's alone. Then, I just went up into the temple with Japanese friends. When I got down from the temple, he's feeding all the pigeons with maruku. My friends wanted to go and take a look at some of the shops there while me, when I saw him, I really wanted to talk with him. So, I just let my friends go to wherever they want while I go to this uncle and have some conversations. He even gave me some of the maruku and feed the pigeons on my hand. There's one pigeon stay with me like forever. It didn't want to fly away. Haha.

Me : Uncle, mmg selalu dtg sini bagi ikan makan, burung makan semua ke?
Uncle : Ada la kadang kadang seminggu 3, 4 kali datang.
Me : Uncle datang naik apa? Drive?
Uncle : Ya la. Saya duduk Kepong.
Me : Oh. (masa ni dah hilang idea nak borak apa so tukar topik) Uncle haritu Chinese New Year banyak 'ong' tak?
Uncle : Takda la. Saya pun takda main mahjung. Takda buka table.
Me : Oh. Tapi uncle ada balik kampung la?
Uncle : Takda la. Saya takda kampung. Tak balik la.

At this point, I can read that actually he is lonely. So, I stopped that topic and just talk about those pigeons in front of us. Sometimes he asked me about my study and stuff.

When the maruku in my hand had finished, at the same time my friends came. Suddenly, he took out his wallet and gave me angpow. He said' "nah la I bagi angpow kita kawan kawan." I was shocked. So we took picture together with the pigeon (if you can see there's a pigeon with me) and I knew I have to go. He made some jokes and said, "merpati tu takmau terbang you bawak balik la. Masuk beg bawak balik." Haha.

Take care and thank you Uncle. May God bless you. 

Life is full of problem and things we do not understand. I hope everyone out there, please do good to others no matter who they are. You do not know what they are going through. Jangan cepat sangat judge and assume yang bukan bukan.

I hope I can still meet this uncle. Or do the same thing to other lovely strangers. I love Malaysia. I miss Malaysia.